Monday, October 19, 2009

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Lane Five

Two weeks ago, I started Masters. It was so much fun.

I was incredibly nervous to be throwing my swimming self out there with people I don't know, many of them who really can swim.

When I got to my first practice, I couldn't even get near Geoff as he was surrounded by all the other swimmers. This was his first practice back after a three week trip to Europe to coach a swimmer who was doing the Strait of Gibraltar. Luckily, I found Linda right away. Earlier this year, I met Linda at a Running 101 group from Fleet Feet. She was also training for America's Most Beautiful Century ride around Lake Tahoe at the time and mentioned she might want to do a tri but needed a swim coach. I told her about my coach, and she joined the team this summer while I was away. Having a familiar face around really eased my nerves.

After a few hundred warm-up, I was able to get Geoff's attention, and he seemed pleased I was there. He explained the board to me and sent me off for some more warm-up. Then, we got our workout. My first ever swim team workout. It was hard. 3 x300 Descending rounds with descending intervals followed by 6x50 alternating under-overs/over-unders and a cool down. He had never done this particular workout with this group before. Guess he was saving it for me.

The lane five girls took off and I was quickly getting my butt kicked. Geoff had Linda and I sit out every other 50. Even with this, I still put in 1300 hundred yards. Not too bad for my first practice, even in the slow lane. I went back for more last Monday and then....... Parent-Teacher Conferences and a cold. Conferences take up the entire part of three days with an additional day for prep. With thirty one kiddos, there are only so many conferences you can accomplish in one day.

I'm looking forward to getting back to swim team this week.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Who Updates This Thing, Anyway.....

Obviously, not me.

Well, life is back to normal I guess.

School started three weeks ago, and it was tough trying to re-acclimate to 31 10-year olds and a training schedule. I'm just now starting to get it down, I hope.

As far as tris go, I was able to get signed up for The Tinfoilman Triathlon in Tucson on October 25th. Luckily, I got in just before registration closed.

On the training front, I have become much stronger and a little smaller. I have only lost about ten pounds. But, with that ten pounds came 3 3/4 inches from my stomach, 3 inches from my bra line, and two inches from my hips. Not too bad.

I was able to do two sets of ten girl push ups, which isn't much, but considering I could not even complete 1 just over six weeks ago, I'm pleased.

After a tire problem derailed last weeks long ride, I was able to get in a good ride today. Thank goodness for Holidays. I start masters later this week, and I begin meeting with my cohort for National Board Certification (a crazy teacher thing).

That's about all there is for now.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Nearing the End

Of my vacation....

I left Tucson on May 28th with my hubby and hit the coast of California the following day. We arrived in Washington on June 1st, which is where I have stayed. Hubby did not. He flew back to Tucson on June 8th.

Tomorrow, I will pick up a friend from Sea-Tac airport and make the trek to my parent's house on Moses Lake. We will stay and swim and kayak for a day and head out on Friday.

We will head to Couer D'Alene and then south through the Idaho panhandle. We will make a brief side trip in Moscow back to Washington to visit my beloved Washington State University in Pullman, Go Cougs! Then on to Boise. After Boise, we will travel to Salt Lake City, Las Vegas, and then home to Tucson.

I will miss Washington - the cooler temps, my mom and dad, Eric and Mary, Lori and Robb, and especially my nieces, Payton, Marley, and Kylie, and nephew Ryan. I will miss my friends. It was SO nice to have the Fab Five together (even though it was only in pieces)! And due to a five-week early arrival, I was able to meet Grayson. Congrats to Steph and Greg on your beautiful, baby boy!

A GIGANTIC Thank You goes out to Eric, Mary, Payton and Marley for letting invade your home for five weeks. I can't wait to come back in August to see the enormous Bella and watch Ironman Lake Stevens 70.3. Go kick some butt, Mare!

I am looking forward to seeing my husband (who will be in CT when I get home - Whatever!) and my fur children Lilly and Rain. It will be nice to sleep in my bed and remove my clothing from a closet or dresser rather than a suitcase. Plus ...

I need to get back to a steady training schedule. I trained some while here; however, my great intentions were not realized. I have found that with even a fairly open schedule, I must plan my training or it is just kinda haphazard. And, NO yelling at me. I learned a lesson, let's just see if I grow from it.

By July 14 (Give or take), I will be back in Tucson. Let the training begin ...
Oh, and I have to get Fe-Lady out for a pedicure :~) Wish me luck!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Today, I must .......

1. Update this blog - I have come to find that this thing does not write its self!

2. Clean my room at my Eric and Mary's house

3. Do some laundry

4. Strength Train

5. Ride my bike - Gorgeous riding weather!

6. Catch up on blog reading - especially the CDA posts

7. Eat something healthy for lunch

8. Try not to drive my brother and sister-in-law crazy (Not sure this is possible)

What should I do first?

Enjoying the beautiful Pacific Northwest and having fun times with the family. Payton and Marley got a new puppy. She is fun to lug around. Puppies put smiles on everyone's face. Spectathleted at the Moses Lake Tri. Mary, Eric, and Margaret had great races. Our drive here was beautiful, yet mostly uneventful, which is the way I prefer to travel. My leg is almost completely healed, and I am able to put it back to work now.

Hope everyone is having and equally fantastic day/week/month/summer - you name it!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Oh, the Pain!

So, I bit the bullet and hired a trainer. So far, we have done a strength and flexibility test and came up with this:

Upper body strength: poor
Abdominal strength: below average

Obese (>32% body fat)
Present Goal: 31% body fat (average category)
Present weight loss goal: 16 pounds
Reevaluate in 2-3 months

Trunk: very poor
Trunk Extension: Ave
Hip Flexion: Ave
Hip Length: Ave
Shoulder: Excellent

Oh, lovely! And this is after training for four months. Lord knows what would have happened then. But, check out the shoulder flexibility: Excellent! It's nice to have something that isn't average or very poor.

One of the great things about this trainer is...... I meet her at 5:30 In. The. Morning! I am sooooo NOT a 5:30 in the morning kind of worker outer, but it has been pretty good so far, except for the pain.

Oh, Yeah, I can barely sit down without assistance from a nearby table or chair. I met her for my first actual workout on Tuesday, and I only did one set of each exercise. That one set, however, just about killed me. And...... I have to go back tomorrow morning and every Tuesday and Thursday morning at, yes, 5:30 AM after that until the end of May, which happens to be when I head out of the frying pan and into the rain shower, also known as the Beautiful, Pacific Northwest. A few days in Moses Lake, a few in Spokane, over to Lake Stevens (Back and Forth, Back and Forth for most of the summer).

Hubby and I will be road tripping up to WA, from which he will return by plane while I stay out of the heat. I will then be road tripping back to Arizona with a friend from work, cause hubby can really only handle one way of a road trip, and that is gonna even be interesting. He's a plane kinda guy.

School is out in TWO weeks, which will be so very beautiful!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

My Little Sunshines

Actually, they are tigers, and can they roar!

Today, I spent the morning and early afternoon with the Tigers at the TUSD All City Track Meet. Our team wasn't very big, but the fourth and fifth grade boys and girls who attended from all over Tucson ran, jumped and threw their hearts out.

The meet started a little after 8:00am (In the history of sporting events, has one ever started on time?) It was already hot out, and there were a few casualties and lost breakfasts on the 500m. It was a little challenging to watch. Overall, my tigers came in 7 and 8 in the A Girls 500m, 5th in the B Boys, and 3rd in the A Boys. They did well against some tough competition.

Oh, all the kids are grouped by height and weight, with A being the largest and D being the smallest.

Other notable finishes: 2nd in heat #2 of B Girls 100M, and 6th in the final. 5th in B Girls Long Jump, 2nd in A Girls Long Jump, and 2nd in B Boys Long Jump. We had one girl place 2nd in the B Girls Softball Throw (Elementary substitute for Discus). 2nd in heat #2 of A Girls 100M, and 4th in the final. 2nd in heat #2 of the A boys 100M, and 7th in the final. 3rd in the A Boys 500M Relay and 4th in the A Girls 500M Relay.

I was proud of all our kiddos.